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Kingston HyperX ram memory DDR3 8GB 4GB 1600MHz 1866MHz RAM ddr3 8 gb PC3-12800 desktop memory for gaming DIMM

Memory Capacity

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Brand Name: Kingston
Item Condition: Used
Combination Form: Single
Type: DDR3
Function: NON-ECC
Package: No
Cooling Fin: Yes
Memory Voltage: 1.5V
Interface Type: 240pin
Memory Frequency: 1600 MHz
Application: Desktop
Model Number: Kingston DDR3 4G 1600
The value of CL: 11
Sequence: 11-11-11-28
Warranty Time: One Year
Frequency: 1600MHz/1866MHz
HyperX 4G 1600: Kingston HyperX 4G1600DHY
HyperX 8G 1600: Kingston HyperX 8G1600DHY
HyperX 2PCS 4G 1600: Kingston HyperX 2PCSX4G1600DHY
HyperX 2PCS 8G1600: Kingston HyperX 2PCSX8G1600DHY
HyperX 4PCS 4G 1600: Kingston HyperX 4PCSX4G1600DHY
HyperX 4PCS 8G 1600: Kingston HyperX 4PCSX8G1600DHY
FURY 4G 1866: Kingston FURY 4G1866DHY
FURY 8G 1866: Kingston FURY 8G1866DHY
FURY 2PCS 4G 1866: Kingston FURY 2PCS X 4G1866DHY
FURY 2PCS 8G 1866: Kingston FURY 2PCS X 8G1866DHY
FURY 4PCS 4G1866: Kingston FURY 4PCS X 4G1866DHY
FURY 4PCS 8G1866: Kingston FURY 4PCS X 8G1866DHY

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